Its those little things that matter...

Among all the dazzling elements of web design, typography where style intertwines with text seems to be the least concern for most. However, we tend to underestimate the power of the font type, style or size used in design which affects readability, legibility or even the quality of the content. The correct font design gives a feeling to the text... and it should be highly relevant to the content... just as images are.

Picture this!

No web designer in Birmingham would pick photos of... let's say "onions" when the content is about "ancient archaeological ruins". The chosen font works in the same way as images, providing relevance to the content by setting mood, emotion (anyone can shout as quiet as a mouse in all CAPS), credibility or familiarity (like when recognising unrelated coca-cola font elsewhere and craving for a bottle).

The Power of typography

There are a few things to keep in mind when styling text for your web page:

1. Choose a font easy to read with appropriate line and character spacing. Site visitors won't bother to read the content however engaging it might be if it's difficult to follow.

2. Use a different colour, size or style for text elements that you wish to draw attention to. The standing out "Call to Action" button texts will definitely yield higher conversion.

3. The typography may depend on how much text there is on a website but the longer the text is the simpler the typography should be. Font sizes from 10 to 14 are also common and popularly used for a reason.

To conclude, typography of a website has a massive effect on not only the readability or the legibility but also on the overall success of a website. Choosing the right typography is as important as choosing the right images, relevant to your content. Ask yourself this:

Would you choose images of "Bangkok Floating Markets" when the content should be about "Birmingham Web Design"?

When you have something to say, say it right... but with style.